As we kick off 2016, we’d like to share a few of our key highlights and learnings from the world of remote patient management with you.

Remote Care Programs Scaling Up


Healthcare is finally scaling up their embrace of smart solutions, thanks to long-awaited milestones, such as CMS introducing new billing codes for Medicare for remote chronic care management. With increased support comes increased demand. Care Innovations participated in over 10 remote care solution RFPs in 2015 alone (and won 80% of them thanks to our turnkey approach).

Learn how one of our clients, UMMC, solved their rural diabetes population challenges thanks to new legislation and Care Innovations’ solutions.


Service Matters


When asked why Care Innovations was chosen to help develop their remote care programs, 100% of our clients mentioned our superior customer service and turnkey approach as THE key reasons they chose to work with us. Successful remote patient programs might utilize technology, but they are developed, executed, maintained, and used by PEOPLE.

TurnKey Approach


Two years ago, Care Innovations adopted a device-agnostic approach, focused on developing the best software platform that works on any device and with any peripherals our clients needed. Thanks to this new strategy, we have successfully integrated our remote care solution with EPIC EHR to meet the need for pediatric vital sign capture and meet the demanding requirements of the largest consumer of remote patient management solutions, the Veterans Administration.  And our approach allows us to create a seamless user experience for consumers, nurses and doctors that makes their daily lives better.




It isn’t just in our name – it’s in our DNA! We hosted our second annual Hackfest at Stanford University with the theme of “Redefining the Care Team.” A wide variety of innovators turned up for a jam packed weekend that saw innovative solutions ranging from better use of sleep metrics to treat Alzheimer’s, to new ways of organizing and motivating nurses in the community, and new apps for better self diagnosis and care. In addition, we continue to use data from activities of daily living as well as other sources to look for new indicators of decline that can help care managers intervene and head off more costly care before it becomes inevitable.

Valid Outcomes Embraced


2015 also saw the market embrace our new Validation Institute with 25 companies, from startups to major health insurers, validating their results and outcome claims via our institute. We presented a panel at Health 2.0 that was standing room only and look forward to a busy 2016, helping more digital and population health companies, who are doing it right, shine in the overcrowded marketplace.


It was an exhilarating year to be in digital health and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet you, speak with you, and work with you. We continue to add new partners, new clients, and new friends and hope that 2016 will bring us a chance to come together and work towards the Quadruple Aim: better care, better health, lower costs and higher clinician/caregiver satisfaction.


The Care Innovations® Team