QTUG is in a Class of its Own:


Kinesis QTUG™ Mobility and Falls Risk assessment technology is a propriety technology based on 7 years of research and experience. Known as The Quantitative Timed Up and Go (QTUG), the technology provides a method for objective assessment of mobility and falls risk.

  • QTUG has been shown to outperform (by 10-20%) two standard methods for assessing falls risk (TUG time and Berg balance scale) on a population of community dwelling older adults.
  • Assessments are measured and compared to a large reference population allowing falls risk assessments to be objective and accurate.
  • Is easy to use and mobile – allowing you to take it on the road, out of the facility and directly into the home.
  • Makes falls risk assessments scalable. The ease of use and portability of QTUG allows anyone in the field trained on QTUG to perform the assessment, meaning your physical therapists can stay put and focus on analyzing the assessments and administering therapy plans.
  • Is a registered Class I Medical Device.