Increase Patient Engagement, Improve Outcomes, Deliver Better Care


Care Innovations® Health Harmony simplifies implementing and deploying remote care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology for the clinician, patient, and family caregiver. By increasing engagement, you can keep your patients in their home, where they want to be most.

Our innovative platform removes the complexity of RCM by:

  • Encouraging the patient to engage in their own health from home using consumer-friendly devices and peripherals, interactive education, and videoconferencing.
  • Transmitting daily vitals data to the clinician, collecting subjective data points typical of those collected during an in-office visit, and monitoring changes in existing patterns.
  • Connecting the caregiver to the patient and the doctor through an intuitive interface designed to simplify the caregiving process.
  • Customizing the platform by disease state and population to support the individual needs of each of your patients.

Health Harmony helps you lower costs, provide greater simplicity to your patients and staff, and increase patient engagement from home.